Why should we use emojis in Instagram Bio?

Infographic for emoji post

When it comes to expressing your thoughts in an engaging and short way, Emoji is the best source and a study shows that more than 90% of the people on the internet are using emojis , and this rate is increasing more and more on a daily basis. Specially the use of emojis in Instagram bio.


Moving forward with the use of emojis in writing, the most important question that comes up is how to use emojis properly in such a way that they deliver your thoughts . How to use emojis to deliver your brand’s message to your target audience.

The majority of the brands know the techniques for how to use emojis, but a lot of brands are still struggling with their usage.

If you know the right technique to use emoji, you can be excellent at delivering the message in an engaging and interactive way to your audience. Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

How have brands used emojis successfully?

Here, I’m going to share with you some brands’ examples of using emojis very successfully in their campaigns.

Domino’s Pizza.🍕

Domino’s, the world leader in pizza delivery, used pizza emojis to order pizza. It helped them reduce the order time for customers to five seconds and increase customers with the help of emoji.

Hillary Clinton.👩🏻

Hillary Clinton, in her presidential campaign, used the Hillary Moji, which consisted of about 30 emoji, stickers, and GIFS. It allowed users to show their love, support, and share on social media. It helped her increase her exposure and engagement.


The WWF, dedicated to protecting the world’s wild life, also used emoji in one of their endangered emoji Twitter campaigns in aid of saving animals from extinction. In this campaign, they used 17 emoji of animals and asked people to donate 10p every time they retweeted.

We got an idea about the brands that are using emojis effectively. Now let’s talk about the age in which the use of emojis is popular.

You might be thinking that emoji is popular in people having age between 18- 25. but the study shows something else. A study shows that 70% of frequent users of the emoji are in the age group of 25–29. Also, 70% of the most frequent users of emojis on the internet are women.

On social media, when we face character limits while sharing our thoughts, Emojis help us share a collection of emotions in a single emoji.

Another major reason the majority of people use emojis on social media is that it’s a short, fast, and expressive way to communicate that keeps people engaged while talking.

💡 Keeping all the above information in mind, you can now better understand why it is important to have emojis in Instagram bio.

  • It helps you engage your audience.
  • It helps you share your message in a short way within character limits.
  • It helps you draw the attention of your audience to a specific part of your bio, like a call to action or some important information.

In short, emojis in Instagram bio make it cooler, unique, show who you are, and connect you with the right people, so please make sure you use them properly.

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