Common Mistakes to Avoid while Writing an Instagram Bio

mistakes of instagram bio

Instagram bio is the first introduction in the social media introduces your audience and helps them to know about your personality. So here are some mistakes you should avoid while writing your Instagram bio.

1. Being Too Generic

Your bio shouldn’t be too general. If your bio is  “Love life and happiness,” now try to change it  say something specific about yourself, like “Travel Blogger | Coffee Lover | Dog Mom.”

2.  Confusing Text

Your bio shouldn’t be too messy. You should not use  too many emojis and hashtags. Keep it clean and easy to read. Use line breaks to make it look nice.

3. Overly Promotional Content

You shouldn’t make your bio like an ad. Mention your business in a professional manners, Use a simple call-to-action like “Check out our new collection .

4. Lack of a Clear Call-to-Action

Call to action is very important in your bio .Tell visitors what to do next. Add a call-to-action like “Visit our website” or “Join us with #TravelWithUs.”

5. Not Updating Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaging is to keep updating regularly.. If you start a new project or change jobs, update your bio. A fresh bio shows you are active and take care of your audience.


Making a good Instagram bio is about avoiding mistakes described above and make sure to be simple and to the point to make your audience realize that you are smart, active. Always keep in mind that your bio is the first impression and as saying goes, first impression is the last make sure that you first impression has a long lasting impact on your audience.

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