How to write a clean, Concise and SEO-based Instagram bio?

As you know, that Instagram bio is our introduction to the digital world, and it gives you only 150 characters to explain your inner self, so make sure that your introduction is perfect, to the point, and has a long-lasting impact on the world.

I’m discussing here a few important points that you should keep in mind while writing your bio for your audience, which will help you to write a neat and clean bio.

When I say clean and concise, it means how to use that 150-character space in such a way that it should convey your whole message in an engaging way that, after reading your bio, people should have a clear idea of who you are and what your brand is. If you have any brands to introduce,.

Let me explain SEO-based Instagram bio in steps so you can follow it easily.

Step 1:

Start with your name.

You are going to be an influencer on Instagram in the future, so make sure you use your own name, which is your identity. I see a lot of people use short names, and later on, when they get followers and change their name to the original one, that creates a problem, especially for the audience, because they get confused about who they are following. You can also use your nickname, which you like the most.

Step 02:

Use the target keyword.

Maybe you don’t know, but your username and your name field on Instagram are both different things. So here comes the twist. You can use these specific words for the audience that you are going to target.

It will help you reach the maximum number of followers as compared to your competitors.

Jus keeps in mind what you are going to talk about on your Instagram, or if you have any specific product, what your audience may write in the search bar when looking for your product. Just write that keyword in the name field.

Step 3:

Use the link in your Instagram bio.

Instagram allows you to have a link in your bio. So here comes the question of how to utilize it, right?

You should have a specific landing page for your brand or your personal website where you share valuable content. You can add that link and get maximum traffic from Instagram to your desired product.

Step 04:

Use call-to-action .

If you are an influencer, your main target is increasing followers.

If you have a brand, your main target is to increase your brand’s reach.

In both cases, your call to action will be different. Make sure you use it accordingly, and one more thing: keep a unique and catchy call to action. Like

You can use the following for yourself:

  • Join the adventure and follow me.
  • Are you ready to level up your feed? Follow me
  • Be a part of something special! follow me.

For your product, you can use.

  • Make every day a masterpiece with (product name). Order now
  • Level up your (specific activity) with (product name). Order now
  • Say goodbye to (a common problem your product solves). Order now

Step 05:

Include your contact details.

Make sure that your bio is a one-stop shop for your audience, and they get everything in one place, so provide your contact details here.

The best way to do this is to use an Instagram business allows you to provide all of your details.

These are a few steps that you can use to increase your audience in a professional way.

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